Melting municipal: pay tribute to the "city beautician" warm "sanitation workers festival"

In the early morning, when the first ray of morning light sprinkles on the earth, you can always see a group of people in "orange" clothes busy in the streets and alleys; in the severe cold and heat, they use sweat, chapped hands, and slightly camel's back in exchange for a clean urban environment. October 26 is the 28th "Sanitation Workers' Day" in Shandong Province. In order to show the development and changes of the sanitation industry in the core area of Guzhenkou and the spirit of sanitation people, establish a civilized fashion of respecting sanitation workers and caring for the urban environment, and create understanding, A good atmosphere of caring and respecting the labor achievements of sanitation workers, Rongfa Municipal Engineering Co., Ltd. recently sent holiday condolences to sanitation workers struggling on the front line, pay tribute to the extraordinary workers in ordinary jobs with practical actions.



The activity combines civilized etiquette education to guide employees to care for sanitation workers, cherish the labor achievements of sanitation workers, put the measures of respecting and treating sanitation workers into specific actions and life details, and call on all employees to learn from sanitation workers and base themselves on their respective jobs., Create the first to strive for excellence, serve the people, and contribute to society. On the day of the event, the employees of Rongfa Municipal Company also distributed condolences to 20 representatives of sanitation workers working in the Guzhenkou Park, and extended their holiday condolences and sincere blessings to them.



Sanitation work is an important part of the construction of the core area of the beautiful ancient town, and sanitation workers are the fundamental force to promote the development of sanitation. In recent years, every employee of Rongfa municipal sanitation front has grown up with the improvement and improvement of the environment in the core area of Guzhenkou, and is advancing with the times. The majority of sanitation workers adhere to the concept of "embroidery to improve the quality of the city and dress up the image of the city". With the style of "especially able to endure hardship, especially able to fight, especially able to contribute", they work hard in the dirtiest, hardest, hardest and tiest sanitation posts, it has created a clean, beautiful and fresh working and living environment for the people in the jurisdiction, and has made extraordinary achievements in ordinary posts. They are not afraid of wind and rain, work hard, and become the leading guards of environmental governance. By changing the planting of seasonal flowers every quarter, they have created many important landscape nodes such as Navy Park, Sansha Road, Yingshanhong Road, etc., further improving the greening quality and landscape effect of the park. They eliminate hidden dangers, build up the safety and toughness of the city, and become the managers of the safety of municipal facilities. Through inspection, replacement, repair and other methods, they have successively treated problem manhole covers, maintenance and dredging of rain and sewage pipes, and laying of rainwater pipes, so as to firmly guard the "safety under their feet" of the citizens ".



At present, the urban construction and economic development of the core area of Guzhenkou have entered a new stage of development. The new era, new situation, and new tasks have put forward new and higher requirements for sanitation work, and the responsibilities they bear are more important and the challenges they face are more severe. The majority of sanitation workers will continue to carry forward the glorious tradition of hard work, hard work and selfless dedication, further strengthen the fine greening maintenance and management, improve the effect of urban greening landscape, ensure that the comprehensive greening renovation work is implemented, earnestly perform the main responsibility, refine the operation process, and contribute the environmental sanitation force to create a clean, tidy and beautiful park environment.

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