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Chi but not stop to cheer up the wind, hard to the future-Rongfa Group held a "when the leader as an example to open a new bureau" big discussion conference


According to the relevant work deployment of the "Work Style Ability Improvement Year" activity in the new district, on August 17, the Rongfa Group Party Committee held a special discussion meeting on "Being a Leader and Leading the New Bureau. Members of the group's party Committee team attended the meeting, and the 12th tour supervision group of the "year of style improvement" activity of the working Committee and district Committee attended the meeting to guide.

At the meeting, the members of the group's party committee focused on the implementation of national strategies, market-oriented transformation, tax source introduction and major project construction, core competitiveness and anti-risk ability improvement, etc., in-depth analysis of the current main work situation, and the top companies in the same industry. Inadequacies and gaps, in-depth analysis of the reasons, put forward target plans, and adhere to the word "real" first, "dry" first, and formulate measures, we should earnestly take out practical measures, persist in hard work, and promote all kinds of work to be the leader and strive for the first place. The main responsible comrades of the party committee of the group commented on the speeches of the team members one by one in the light of the actual work, the future development plan and target orientation of the enterprise. The 12th Tour Supervision Group of the "Year of Improving Style and Ability" of the Committee and District Committee of the Working Committee made a comment on the meeting.

The meeting stressed that the members of the group's party committee should take this special meeting as an opportunity to give full play to the leading role of the "key minority" under the above rate, and pay close attention to the implementation of rectification and reform with the spirit of "hammering nails" and the style of "strict, real, meticulous and fast. It is necessary to combine this discussion of "being a leader as an example and opening a new bureau" with strengthening and improving the main responsibility and main business, deepening reform and innovation, and further emancipating the mind, invigorating the spirit, changing the style of work, and improving the ability to stimulate the fighting spirit of being unable to sit still, waiting and fighting hard, improving the level of market-oriented operation, stimulating the driving force of innovation and development, and enhancing the core competitiveness of enterprises, to greet the victory of the Party's 20th National Congress with outstanding results.

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