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The main road body of Longmending Road West Section in Guzhenkou Core Area was successfully completed


On August 2, 2022, with the completion of paving and rolling of a car of asphalt fabric, the main road project of the west section of Longmending Road constructed by the district state-owned enterprise Rongfa Group was completed. The project starts from Sansha Road in the east and Shanchuan Road in the west, with a total investment of 35.86 million yuan. The road is 1059 meters long and 33 meters wide. It is expected to be completed and opened to traffic in December this year. At that time, another urban passage will be added to the core area of Guzhenkou, and the "fast forward button" will be pressed to promote urban renewal and urban construction ".



The construction of Longmending Road includes roads, structures, municipal pipelines, traffic, landscape and lighting, ancillary works, etc. Since the start of the project, Rongfa Group has taken the "Year of Work Style and Ability Improvement" activity as the starting point, carried forward the work style of "strict, real and fast", and reversed the construction period under the premise of paying close attention to safety, quality and epidemic prevention and control measures. Fight day and night, seize favorable construction conditions, make every effort to arrange cross-construction operations, increase personnel investment and machinery investment, and ensure high-quality and efficient progress of the project. 3 months to complete the roadbed construction and asphalt concrete pavement works, sidewalk pavement is being carried out in an orderly manner, running out of the acceleration of urban renewal and urban construction.



Urban renewal and urban construction are major livelihood projects and popular projects. In the next step, Rongfa Group will continue to take the "Year of Improving Style and Ability" as an opportunity to change its style and improve its ability, thoroughly implement the three-year plan for tackling key problems in urban renewal and urban construction in the new district, base itself on the core area of the ancient town entrance, have the courage to take the lead and be the vanguard, steadily push forward the project construction, make the project plan more refined and practical, and keep a close eye on the project progress, we will make every effort to improve the functional quality of the city, serve as the leader of the city's high-quality development, build a demonstration and leading area of socialist modernization in Qingdao in the new era, and contribute to the strength of state-owned enterprises.

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