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[Year of Improving Style Ability] Rongfa Group Municipal Company: Based on Post, Doing Practical Work, Serving the Masses to Guarantee Safety

Since the launch of the "Work Style Ability Improvement Year" activity, Rongfa Group Municipal Company has combined the construction of work style ability with the improvement and renovation of the regional environment in the core area of Guzhenkou, benchmarked the requirements for the creation of a national civilized city, and thoroughly practiced "I do practical things for the masses"., Clarify the four key tasks of the naval park and road upgrading, street lamp lighting facilities maintenance, municipal facilities maintenance, and greening improvement, comprehensively carry out image promotion and re-improvement actions to help the core area of Guzhenkou create a more beautiful, clean and clean environment, improve the image and quality of the city, and continuously improve the citizens' sense of gain and happiness.
All the staff sank to the first line to clean up the grid area and strive to be a demonstration. More than 300 sanitation personnel clean the road and transport garbage all day long, more than 10 public toilet cleaners clean all day long, and 6 drivers ensure the timely removal and treatment of urban sewage and garbage. Measures of "all-round, multi-measures and sub-categories" are adopted to achieve the effect of "dust-free and dust-reducing" purification and beautification, take the "key minority" to take the lead in rolling up their sleeves and working hard, driving the "vast majority" to become the "main force" in the improvement of the sanitary environment, forming a good situation of governance and sharing by all.
Focus on the lack of green space service function, aging of urban road greening seedlings, bare and lack of plants and ridges, etc. to carry out transformation and upgrading, so that refined urban greening construction management can penetrate into every corner, through division of responsibilities, arrangement of special personnel to rely on, set up a professional guidance group, carry out scientific layout according to the original greening varieties, strictly control the construction quality and seedling quality, and complete all greening transformation and upgrading projects with high standards. At present, 240000 seasonal flowers have been planted in many road landscape nodes such as Navy Park, Yingshanhong Road and Sansha Road, greatly improving the quality of urban greening and landscape effect.
According to the unified arrangement of the group and the work requirements of the safety and quality department, the municipal company of Rongfa group has strengthened the construction management of municipal facilities, the awareness of safety "red line" and "bottom line", made every effort to eliminate potential safety hazards, improved the safety toughness of the city, carried out regular inspection and maintenance of municipal facilities, and compacted the responsibility of safe production. We will comprehensively carry out special actions for the registration and filing of basic information of urban manhole covers and the investigation and rectification of potential safety risks within the jurisdiction, so as to eliminate all kinds of potential safety hazards. Through inspection, replacement, repair and other methods, the problem manhole cover is treated, and the anti-falling net is installed for the deep and risky manhole, so as to firmly protect the "safety under the feet" of the citizens ".
At present, the municipal company of Rongfa Group has replanted about 5,000 ㎡ of shrubs, trimmed about 70000 ㎡ of fences, trimmed about 40000 ㎡ of lawns, trimmed more than 900 dead branches, cleaned up about 260 dead plants, and cleaned up 834m of green space garbage in park squares and green belts within its jurisdiction. Complete 300 meters of side stones in municipal facilities, check more than 3000 manhole covers, and install strong anti-falling nets for more than 1000 manhole covers; street lamp head replacement, troubleshooting and maintenance of a total of more than 80.
In the next step, while doing a good job in daily work, Rongfa Group Municipal Company will increase self-inspection, divide the responsibility to the people, increase inspections, and further strengthen the management of refined greening maintenance to make the urban greening landscape The effect is further improved to ensure that the comprehensive renovation of greening is implemented, to create a clean, tidy and beautiful urban environment for residents and enterprises in the core area of the ancient town entrance, and to help the new district create a good business environment.

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