Rongfa Group Held Mobilization Meeting of "60 Days of Decisive Battle and New Achievements" and All Staff Meeting of Hualu Company




On the morning of November 3, 2018, Qingdao military-civilian Integration Development Group (hereinafter referred to as "Rongfa Group") held a mobilization meeting of "60 days of decisive battle and new achievements" and a meeting of all employees of Hualu Company. Zhang Jinlou, Secretary of the Party committee and chairman of the group, attended the meeting and delivered a speech. Song Wei, deputy secretary of the Party committee and vice chairman, presided over the meeting. Wang Wenjing, deputy secretary of the Party committee, read out the decision of the Party committee of Rongfa group on carrying out the activity of "60 days of decisive battle and new achievements" and the notice of the district state owned assets office on transferring Qingdao Hualu Highway Engineering Co., Ltd. and other companies to Qingdao Military Integration Development Group Co., Ltd.



The meeting pointed out that since the beginning of this year, in order to implement the decision-making and deployment of the Management Committee of the New District Working Committee, the group has taken the party building brand of "sunshine and development, dedication and me" as the guide, and vigorously carried forward the enterprise spirit of "passion, efficiency, innovation and win-win". Breakthrough progress and phased results have been made in various work-the fission growth of economic operation indicators, and the construction of major projects with a total investment of about 65 billion yuan, the strategic cooperation with more than 30 central enterprises, local state-owned enterprises, industry leading enterprises and military and sea related scientific research institutes has been continuously deepened, and the market-oriented operation of the first Qingdao military civilian integration science and technology innovation achievement exhibition in 2018 has been successfully completed, and the construction of ship repair and construction base and special equipment (North) maintenance base has been started. Kaitou, Huaou and Hualu have joined one after another, and the overall development structure of the parent group, sub-groups and subsidiaries of Rongfa Group has become increasingly clear, laying a solid foundation for exploring new paths for the reform of state-owned enterprises and quickly becoming stronger, better and bigger.



Effect of Qingdao Science and Education Park, Chinese Academy of Sciences


The meeting proposed that in order to deepen the discussion on emancipating the mind, we should carry out the activity of "making new achievements in 60 days of decisive battle" and focus on doing a good job in six aspects by the end of the year. First, we will fully implement the decision-making and deployment of the Management Committee of the New District Working Committee, and fully complete the annual wall chart combat objectives of major projects such as the first phase of Qingdao Science and Education Park of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the Military Industrial Park, the core start-up area of Wangtai New Kinetic Energy Industry Base, the renovation of Yinjiahe District, and the rental housing for Qingdao's first university graduates. The second is to promote the economic operation of the whole year to achieve leapfrog growth, guided by marketization and centered on economic benefits. Third, seize the financial policy opportunities of military-civilian integration and the transformation of new and old kinetic energy, make every effort to break through the financing work, and provide financial guarantee for accelerating the construction of major projects and foreign investment. Fourth, strengthen strategic cooperation, borrow ships to go to sea, enhance the development of enterprises, attract military-civilian integration and new and old kinetic energy conversion major high-end projects to settle in the new area, accelerate the promotion of ship repair base, special equipment (north) maintenance base materialization operation. Fifth, assume the social responsibility of state-owned enterprises, give full play to the advantages of funds and project operation, actively participate in rural revitalization, and effectively improve the self-hematopoietic ability of the towns and villages they help. Sixth, we should always tighten the two strings of "production safety" and "clean government safety", firmly adhere to the two bottom lines of "production safety" and "clean government safety", and provide quality guarantee and style guarantee for the rapid development of enterprises.


Wangtai New Kinetic Energy Industry Base Kechuang Garden Effect Diagram


The meeting stressed that all cadres and employees should focus on the overall situation and fully integrate into and serve the development strategy of the new area. To be full of passion, dedication, the pursuit of action consciously. We must pay attention to efficiency, race against time, maintain the spirit of nailing nails, and never give up until the task is completed and the goal is reached. We must blaze new trails and learn to use innovative ideas and methods to find breakthroughs and solve new problems. We should cooperate and win-win, be good at uniting external forces, and take advantage of the momentum to develop. Leaders should take the lead, one level with one level of work, and one level with one level of work. The majority of party members must play a vanguard and exemplary role, stress party spirit, highlight identity, build image, set an example, and compare dedication.


Reconstruction Effect Diagram of Yinjiahe Area

The meeting called on all cadres and employees, under the strong leadership of the New District Working Committee Management Committee, to take the opportunity of emancipating the mind to discuss, carry forward the spirit of the new district of "first try, good work and good success", and promote the party building brand of "sunshine, dedication and me" and "Passion, efficiency, innovation, and win-win" corporate spirit, seize opportunities, work hard, and work hard to fully complete the annual goals and tasks, strive to build a first-class military-civilian integration professional investment platform, and provide strategic support and important guarantee for the new area to undertake the national strategy of military-civilian integration, create the core area of the military-civilian integration innovation demonstration zone and the leading area for the conversion of new and old kinetic energy.


The leadership of Rongfa Group and Kaitou Group, the middle-level and above cadres of Rongfa and Kaitou, the leadership of Huaou Group and all employees of Hualu Company attended the meeting. The staff representatives of Rongfa, Kaitou, Huaou and Hualu made statements respectively.

Statements by representatives


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