The construction site of "Science No.1" project was praised by the New District Housing and Construction Bureau.

Recently, the Housing and Urban-Rural Development Bureau of Qingdao West Coast New District notified the safety production and civilized construction inspections of the construction projects under construction in the whole district in autumn. The construction site of the "Science No. 1" project undertaken by Rongfa Group is standardized, safe, and refined management. As a highlight, it was praised by the New District Housing and Construction Bureau.

This major inspection is a three-year focus on the in-depth promotion of the special rectification of production safety in the West Coast New Area, and the "look back" of the large-scale investigation and rectification of production safety, and further implement the main responsibility of the quality and safety of all parties involved in the construction of the project. This inspection focuses on government-invested non-operating projects, residential projects, municipal infrastructure projects, etc., and focuses on residential project quality management, epidemic normalization prevention and control, and "nine prevention" safety measures. A total of 223 construction projects under construction were randomly selected, 2463 rectification opinions were put forward, and 15 projects under construction were notified and praised.

The "Science No.1" project is located in the east of Haijun Road and the north of Longmending Road in the core area of Guzhenkou, with a total investment of 0.16 billion yuan. Investment and construction by the district-owned state-owned enterprise Rongfa Group. The project strictly implements the "six mechanisms" of risk management and control, such as safety risk finding, research and judgment, early warning, prevention, disposal and responsibility, and improves the level of quality control by reasonably arranging the construction sequence, implementing detailed construction plans and optimizing solutions. The project implements safety standardization and specialization, uses standard-based safety protection facilities, strengthens worker education and training, and implements the safety policy of "people-oriented, safety first, prevention first, and comprehensive management" throughout the construction management process, and continuously improves the project safety management level.

In the next step, Rongfa Group will take this safety inspection as an opportunity to continue to carry out regular investigation and management of hidden dangers, further implement responsibilities, consolidate the foundation, strengthen management and control, prevent and resolve safety risks, and resolutely curb safety accidents. to create a good security environment for the high-quality development of enterprises.

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