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"Summer Sends Cool": New District Federation of Trade Unions Sympathize with Front-line Workers of Rongfa Group

The hot sun is scorching and the heat is unbearable, and the construction site in August is sweating like rain. In order to do a good job in heatstroke prevention and cooling and maintain the health of the majority of employees, on the morning of August 9, 2018, the New District Federation of Trade Unions came to Rongfa Group to carry out the "Summer Cool" activity, which provided the group's employees fighting on the front line of construction in summer. Care.

During the event, the New District Federation of Trade Unions sent towels, mung beans, mineral water, watermelons and other heatstroke prevention and cooling supplies to the Qingdao Science and Education Park and Integration Center of the Chinese Academy of Sciences undertaken by the group, and fully affirmed the dedication of the group's front-line employees who are not afraid of the heat and stick to their posts., Thank them for their hard work and sweat for the construction of the beautiful new district.



After receiving the heatstroke prevention and cooling supplies, the front-line workers thanked the New District Federation of Trade Unions for their concern and condolences, and expressed that they would continue to do their own work, take practical actions to ensure the quality and efficiency of project construction, and jointly build a beautiful new district.

Under the current continuous high temperature, Rongfa Group will further do a good job in summer heatstroke prevention and cooling, scientifically arrange the operation time and work intensity, ensure the safety of summer construction, and ensure that front-line workers spend the high temperature season safely and healthily.




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