Burning Passion, Decisive Battle, Decisive Victory, Bigger and Stronger Building New District-Rongfa Group Launches "Decisive Battle for the Fourth Quarter"


In order to further implement the New District Working Committee Management Committee "12 major battles" decision-making deployment and the Guzhenkou core area of the 300-day work requirements, to the annual target task to launch a decisive final charge, on the morning of October 8, 2020, the melting group held a special meeting to summarize the work of the first three quarters, to start the "decisive fourth quarter" activities. Group Party Secretary, Chairman Zhang Jinlou attended and delivered a speech. Chen Wei, general manager of the group, reported the situation of the group's "fighting for the third quarter" activities and the results of the evaluation of 20 key projects, and announced the group's decision on the "decisive fourth quarter" activities. More than 60 people including members of the group's leadership team, middle-level deputy cadres and project managers attended the meeting.



The meeting pointed out that in the first three quarters of 2020, Rongfa Group closely around the overall development of the new area, to overcome the impact of the epidemic, on the one hand to focus on the construction of key projects and investment into the system, on the other hand to focus on market-oriented management, have carried out a "full fight against the epidemic, sprint for the first quarter", "bimonthly battle", "fight for the third quarter" and other activities, has made breakthrough progress.


Provincial Key Project-Marine Science Research Center, Chinese Academy of Sciences


The group was awarded the demonstration enterprise of integrity construction in Shandong Province.


From January to September, the group's main economic indicators ranked first among state-owned enterprises in the new district. Among them, more than 50 fixed investment projects undertaken have all completed the stage target, completed the investment of 6.3 billion yuan, has completed 126 of the annual target of 5 billion yuan. With its tangible performance, the group fully demonstrated the role of state-owned enterprises in the construction and development of the new district, demonstrated the new actions and new image of the enterprise, and was awarded the Shandong Province Integrity Construction Demonstration Enterprise and Qingdao's Most Influential Enterprise of the Year.



The meeting pointed out that to win a game, the sprint stage is very important, especially to always be stretched, and the development of an enterprise is the same. In the fourth quarter, we should focus on the following six aspects: first, seize the golden period of construction, and comprehensively speed up project construction and investment on the premise of ensuring safety and quality; second, keep a close eye on the target to find shortcomings and make full efforts in market-oriented operation;



The third is to issue bonds through multi-channel financing to provide financial guarantee for project construction and enterprise development; the fourth is to innovate capital operation, deepen strategic cooperation with industry leaders, and promote win-win cooperation;



The fifth is to further improve the assessment and incentive mechanism, clear rewards and punishments, and stimulate the endogenous motivation of cadres and employees to start their own businesses; the sixth is to comprehensively and strictly govern the party, comprehensively and strictly govern the enterprise, and build a "clean state-owned enterprise" to ensure the rapid, healthy and sustainable development of enterprises.



At the end of the meeting, the whole group should, in accordance with the decision-making and deployment of the management committee of the new district working committee, take the party building as the guide, further call for the party building brand of "sunshine, dedication and self-development", carry forward the enterprise spirit of "passion, efficiency, innovation and win-win", act as a new force, sound the assembly number, and fight decisively in the fourth quarter to ensure the full completion of the annual objectives and promote the group's rapid expansion, for the development and construction of the core area of the ancient town mouth and the high-quality development of the new area.


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