[Special Column on Civilization Creation] Develop Good Habits, Change Visible Garbage Classification, Use Public Chopsticks and Persist in Exercise


To carry out the patriotic health campaign in the new era, we should advocate a civilized, healthy and green lifestyle. Residents and families everywhere are actively practicing. Some have become experts in garbage sorting; some insist on using meal sharing and public chopsticks for meals; some insist on physical exercise, which drives a group of people.

shanghai putuo district cao yang new village street residents money broad sense:

Popularization of garbage classification

Become a Classified Master

  "Garbage sorting is nothing special. It is already a living habit!" The "Regulations of Shanghai Municipality on the Management of Domestic Waste" have been implemented for nearly a year. For the residents of Biluhu Garden Community, Caoyang Xincun Street, Putuo District, Shanghai, the classified treatment of domestic waste has long become a part of daily life.

In Qian Guangyi's kitchen, garbage cans are separated from wet and dry, vegetable leaves and broken bones are thrown into one bucket, plastic bags and wrapping paper are thrown into another bucket. On the dining table, after each meal, napkins and leftovers are also placed separately."It's so troublesome to have a meal. It must have been inconvenient at first." Qian Guangyi said that as early as last year, before the implementation of the Shanghai Municipal solid waste Management regulations, Caoyang Xincun Street began to promote the classification of domestic waste in early 2019. "Just get used to it."

Green Lake Garden Community is a micro-community, only34 households, no property company, the daily management of the community depends entirely on the autonomy of residents. Since his retirement in 2009, Qian Guangyi has been actively involved in community governance. As the director of the owners' committee of Green Lake Garden, he started from himself and learned the classification standards and requirements for the promotion of garbage classification.

Shanghai adopts a quartering method for domestic waste, which divides domestic waste into dry waste, wet waste, hazardous waste and recyclables.4 kinds. At the beginning, many residents made difficulties in the standards of "dry garbage" and "wet garbage. "Dry and wet do not refer to the state of garbage, wet garbage mainly refers to kitchen waste, dry garbage mainly refers to the waste except the other three", after understanding this classification standard, Qian Guangyi organized industry committee training sessions, garbage classification training sessions, garbage classification theme activities ...... to popularize garbage classification knowledge to residents, but also invited the staff of relevant departments to the community to explain to residents, dry and wet separated bins were issued to all residents.

After several activities, the community residents are very familiar with the knowledge of garbage classification, but when it comes to doing it, it is not so easy.

  "After all, it is a living habit for decades, and it has not changed so fast." Since April last year, Qian Guangyi has called the residents of the community to take turns on duty in the garbage wing to inspect and guide the garbage put by the residents. He will do a good job in scheduling and notice every week, print it and post it on the bulletin board at the door.

Some residents are too troublesome to throw them together when no one is on duty. There was no time to deal with it during the day. Qian Guangyi had to go to the wing room at night to turn out the garbage and divide it again. Almost every day he had to go to the garbage can several times.

The earnest of the old money can be seen by the residents coming and going. He led by example, inspired the enthusiasm of the residents. In less than a month, the garbage classification level of the Green Lake Garden Community has improved significantly. Last yearBefore the implementation of the "Shanghai Municipal Domestic Waste Management Regulations" in July, it successfully met the standards required by the streets.

At the end of last year, Qian Guangyi was rated by Cao Yang Xincun Street"Garbage sorting fashionista", but for Lao Qian, getting honor is not his goal. "Garbage sorting is a common thing of the whole society. If it is done well, it will change everyone's living environment. It must be done for a long time and stick to it." To his delight, the children in the community are already familiar with garbage sorting, and some do better than adults, "If good habits are passed on from generation to generation, our life will definitely be better."

First People's Hospital of Yunnan Province doctor Yang Jinhong:

Advocate meal sharing and public chopsticks

Care for the health of relatives and friends

Braised ribs, steamed sea bass, green vegetables and balls soup... Delicious dishes served to the table one after another. During the May Day holiday, Yang Jinhong, chief physician of the Department of Disease Prevention and Control of the first people's Hospital of Yunnan Province, cooked a table of good dishes at home to entertain several friends who came to visit.

Different from the previous dinners, in addition to a pair of chopsticks for each person, Yang Jinhong also placed an extra pair of chopsticks on each dish and a spoon on on the soup basin.

  "Now advocating the use of public chopsticks, health and hygiene, is the new table etiquette!" Seeing a friend's face showing doubts, Yang Jinhong explained.

At the beginning of the use of public chopsticks, it is inevitable that some do not adapt. Some friends used the public chopsticks to pick up the dishes at the beginning, but forgot when they used them. Others took the public chopsticks to pick up the dishes and accidentally put them in their mouths. Yang Jinhong said frankly that the use of public chopsticks and spoons is somewhat troublesome for people who are used to the joint meal system.

For a long time in the front line of disease prevention and control, Yang Jinhong has always been supportive of the implementation of public chopsticks. Yang Jinhong suggested to her family to use public chopsticks. At first, her family did not quite understand it, but at her insistence, she gradually accepted and got used to using public chopsticks and eating separately.

  "When you go to pick up dishes at the entrance of private chopsticks, saliva and droplets on the head of chopsticks increase the probability of cross-infection and spread of food-borne diseases among people at the same table. There are huge health risks and they are not responsible for the health of others." Yang Jinhong said.

In Yang Jinhong's view, the meal-sharing system is nothing new."Isn't the buffet just a kind of meal-sharing system?"

Some people say that public chopsticks are easy to make relationships rusty and are not a way of hospitality. In this regard, Yang Jinhong does not agree:"You can also use public chopsticks to give guests food, and guests can eat at ease!"

At this dinner, careful Yang Jinhong found that everyone's hygiene habits had also changed greatly. Among them, the most obvious is to take the initiative to wash hands before meals.

  "I used to persuade people to wash their hands before meals, and I was often sayed'occupational disease offened'. They felt that as long as they didn't touch something that was not clean, it didn't matter whether they washed their hands or not." At this dinner, Yang Jinhong's friends not only took the initiative to wash their hands with hand sanitizer, but also asked her for the correct way to wash their hands. In addition, if someone wants to cough or sneeze during the meal, they will lower their heads and cover their mouths and noses with paper towels, or take the initiative to leave the table.

One more pair of public chopsticks, one more health."Split meals, like wearing masks and washing hands before meals, are healthy and civilized social customs. We must vigorously promote them and stick to them." Yang Jinhong said.

xiamen university school of management teacher hong qiuxia:

Exercise for five years.

Improve physical condition

A red runway winds around the blue sea, with a healthy figure passing by in the sea breeze, covered by coconut groves,"You have run 10 kilometers and it took 61 minutes." The mobile phone prompt sounded, and Hong Qiuxia's steps slowly stopped. The sunset glow had already dyed red half of the sky on Heron Island......

Huandao Road, the great seaside, which is nearIn the past five years, Hong Qiuxia often "clocked in" from work. "Whenever you stand by the beach after running, a sense of happiness beyond yourself will come to mind." Hong Qiuxia said.

The average weekly running volume of 120 kilometers, the annual running volume of nearly 6000 kilometers, four consecutive years of participation in the Xiamen full marathon, two desert trekking cross-country 100km challenge ...... A series of dazzling results, let people in front of the figure, mentality are to maintain a young teacher more curious.

Movement, which beginsThat was a coincidence 5 years ago. In March 2015, the 10th China Business School Gobi Challenge will be held soon. As the deputy secretary of the Party Committee of the School of Management of Xiamen University, Hong Qiuxia was temporarily assigned to be the leader of student athletes and went to Gansu to participate. "When I ran 800 meters in college, I failed. To be honest, I was a bit" driving ducks on the shelves ", but it was the responsibility of party members and cadres to ensure the safety of students." There is a responsibility, do not retreat, the competition still has two months, that starts from the school playground, from walking to running, for 60 days, more than 400 kilometers down, before starting, people lost a lap first.

112 kilometers for four consecutive days and three nights, Hong Qiuxia and the student athletes walked forward in the sand sea, rested in the sand nest, and insisted on walking the whole journey. "After exercising in the most difficult environment, you will understand that'challenging self' is not only a mentality, but also a normal life, and you will know a new self." She said.

After returning from the Gobi, Hong Qiuxia took sports as a fixed rhythm of life. From the school playground to the route around the school, from the roundabout runway to Dongping Mountain Road, the footprints are getting farther and farther, and the team that followed her to exercise is getting stronger and stronger."after five years of exercise, first of all, my physical condition has been greatly improved, so that I don't often catch colds and have a fever, my body lines look better, and at the same time, I have a deeper relationship with my 'runners." Running and talking with Mr. Hong, the sports performance of the students in the School of Management of Xiamen University has been continuously improved. "Teacher Hong, like a big sister, helps us solve many puzzles in our study and life!" Cao Huizhen, who is both a student and a "runner," said so.

Starting from the Baicheng gate of Xiamen University, all the way east, next to the endless traffic flow, is the roundabout runway invested and built by Xiamen. Under the afterglow of the setting sun, on the runway, Hong Qiuxia took another group of students and set off again.(Reporter: Ju Yunpeng, Ye Chuanzeng, Liu Xiaoyu)


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