[Special Column on Civilization Creation] Only Real Work Can Make Actual Results


Building a civilized city is a good thing. Through the creation of civilization, the level of urban soft and hard environment construction can be improved to a large extent, the quality of life of the people can be improved, and the harmonious development of the economy and society can be promoted. However, in the vigorous process of creating a city, we should always be vigilant, grasp the scale, and find the correct position, so as not to go into the misunderstanding of eager for quick success and instant benefit.

A surprise civilization is not a true civilization. Civilization is the embodiment from the inside out, from the inside and from the outside, and it can gradually penetrate into people's thoughts and hearts through long-term influence and imperceptible influence. Therefore, we can say that the creation of civilization is a long-term work and requires a long-term process. Therefore, it is a big mistake to want to engage in blitz and blitzkrieg on this matter. In order to meet the inspection and make surprise construction, to enrich the creation of materials, to exaggerate the atmosphere of creating a city, and so on, the grass-roots units are exhausted and miserable, and the masses are full of complaints and annoyances. This kind of rush for quick success and instant benefits, which is heavy on form and light on practical results, is not long and can't go far. This kind"False civilization" also violates the true meaning of civilization creation and cannot get the support and support of the masses.

The creation of a departure from the original intention has no real effect. Creating for the people and benefiting the people is not only the starting point of the city creation work, but also its foothold. If all creation activities violate this original intention and mission, they will not be able to achieve actual results. If the people don't buy it, the creation will lose its meaning. The creation of spiritual civilization is inseparable from the active participation of the broad masses of the people, and it needs to mobilize the masses and rely on the strength of the masses to complete it together. However, mobilizing the masses is not to cause trouble and burden to the masses, nor can it affect the normal life of the masses, interfere with the teaching order of the school, let alone waste people and money. Otherwise, the creation of civilization will change shape and taste, from a civilization project"nuisance project". This not only affects the quality of creation, but also does not conform to the original intention of creation; it is not conducive to winning the hearts of the people, but also not conducive to social harmony.

"Chang Chang" is the last word. The creation of civilization is a long-term project, which requires perseverance and long-term success. It is necessary to eliminate face-saving projects and image projects, and abandon formalism. The work of building civilization is based on all aspects of people's lives, so we cannot rush for quick success and instant benefits. In the face of the urban criticism accumulated for many years, we should be prepared to "get sick like a thread. Only by making it normal and long-term can the creation work truly reach the hearts of the masses. Looking back on the process of the creation of civilized cities, it is the result of hard work with the spirit of "nailing nails" and the perseverance of ten years of sharpening the sword. Cities have thousands of faces, and there is no fixed method for creation. We must tailor our clothes and do what we can. Mo ti's unrealistic slogan, Mo Ding's goal of surpassing reality, and guard against the "cold and heat disease" of stopping, loosening and tightening ".

Rome was not built in a day, and civilization cannot be achieved overnight. Creating a civilized city is a cumulative process, and every step needs to be steadfast and steady. We should take out the momentum of stepping on the stone to leave a mark and grasping the iron with traces, so as to make a good start and a good end and make good achievements., so that the people can truly feel the real improvement and change, this is the meaning of the creation of civilization. (Commentary)


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