[Special Column on Civilization Creation] Civilization Creation "Micro" Power is Infinite


Now information production and dissemination into a"Micro-era", new platforms such as Weibo, WeChat, Weishi, and micro-movies have become a powerful force influencing people's thinking and behavior with strong penetration and attractiveness. The construction of spiritual civilization in the micro era is facing new challenges, but also opened up a new world. Nanjing is committed to "micro", through micro blog group, micro film, micro lecture hall, micro public welfare and other "micro" forces, to take the road of civilization creation and innovation, so as to make the flowers of civilization more gorgeous. (China Civilization Network)

The creation of urban civilization, with the progress of modern information society, has entered a micro era, and how to create urban civilization in the micro era should be a new problem. How to make good use of various tools in the micro era is a test of wisdom. For the founders and organizers of urban civilization, they should speak widely, sort out the various tools of the micro-era, make good use of them, and give full play to their positive effects; for the people who participate in the creation of civilization, they should make good use of micro-tools to achieve the effective connection between the lower feelings and the upper feelings; for the whole social atmosphere, it is necessary to make good use of micro-tools in order to go further with the times. So, on the road to the creation of civilization,"Micro" force is infinite.

Various micro-tools can effectively integrate public opinion. As an effective means of communication, Weibo, Wechat and other tools can effectively sort out public opinion and convey public sentiment. For the creation of civilization, the most important thing is not anything else, but the effective collection of public opinion. For modern people, public opinion is scattered in various micro-tools. People can know the degree of their attention to events through the release of Weibo information, and people can know the degree of their concern for the development of the situation through WeChat chat. It can be said that if the information transmitted by these micro-tools is ignored, then public opinion will slowly go far, and once public opinion goes far, the decision-making will be ungrounded. Therefore, we must pay attention to this process and make good use of this. Tools.

Various micro-tools enable instant communication. In the modern information age, instant messaging is a sign, but also a manifestation of social progress. In the process of creating a city civilization, only by realizing effective instant communication can we grasp effective information anytime and anywhere. Therefore, for the creation of a civilized city, the function of various micro-tools is to achieve effective instant communication. In this case, once any information needs to be transmitted, it can be transmitted at the fastest speed, reducing the interval of information transmission, so as to express the effectiveness of information more clearly. Its efficacy can also be effectively played out, avoiding the barriers caused by various obstacles.

Various micro-tools can promote the spread of civilization. In the process of building a civilized city, the spread of civilization is indispensable. The so-called transmission of civilization is the transmission process of civilization information, and micro tools can transmit such a process. Just imagine, once any new activities are introduced, they can be transmitted through Weibo or WeChat. One is to improve the efficiency of communication, and it can end the cost of communication. On this basis, the magical effect of micro-tools becomes a possibility, which undoubtedly requires the vision of the founders of civilized cities to achieve. (Su Yan)


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