[Civilization Creation Special Column] Glory Belongs to the Heroic Chinese People


xinhua news agency, beijing17 September

Glory belongs to the heroic Chinese people


The Jihai epidemic began, and the boxer gradually settled."1.4 billion Chinese people breathe together, share a common destiny, shoulder to shoulder, heart to heart, and draw a picture of the times that unity is strength!" "The great practice of the fight against the epidemic has once again proved that the indomitable willpower of the Chinese people is the source of strength to overcome all difficulties and obstacles on the way forward." The affectionate and firm words of General Secretary Xi Jinping, as always, put the people in the highest position and firmly believe in the great power of the people to make history, profoundly reveal the strength and key to the fight against the new coronary pneumonia epidemic.

Looking back, the busy and firm figures, the tired but resolute faces, the strong faith will converge into an indomitable torrent of steel, is countless flesh and blood to build a new Great Wall against the epidemic.

Glory, belong to the heroic Chinese people!


Some historic moments require a longer lens of time to see the ups and downs.

  On January 23, 2020, the Jianghan Pass clock pointed to 10 o'clock and the exit channel was closed. Wuhan, China, a megacity with a population of tens of millions and known as the "thoroughfare of nine provinces", pressed the "pause button" unprecedentedly in human history -76 days and nights, 1814 hours, two rivers and three towns were silent, the Yellow Crane Tower The flowing water is faint, and the cherry blossoms are alone at the bottom of Luojia Mountain......

When the epidemic storm involved Wuhan in the land of death and survival, this heroic city and her heroic people, with indomitable perseverance, generous and tragic sacrifices, and vigorous action, made outstanding contributions to the major strategic achievements of the fight against the epidemic, and was once again recorded in the annals of the heroes of the Chinese nation.

We will not forget,540000 medical personnel from Hubei Province and Wuhan City took the lead in the battle of epidemic prevention and control. They met with the virus in a narrow way and met with short-term combat. They went to the mission with their lives, took great care of all living beings, shouldered the gates of darkness, and let the common people go to the broad and bright places. Many heroes and martyrs died in the front line of epidemic prevention and control. We will never forget the brothers and sisters who died in the tenacious struggle against the disease. They spent the winter with us, but failed to enter the spring as they wished. We will never forget that the people of Hubei and Wuhan, who are fighting on all fronts against the epidemic, are freight drivers, private car owners, small shop owners, and express delivery brothers ...... With a pile of mortal kindness, with bravery and great love, they lit a fire and propped up a sky. The citizens of Wuhan know the general situation and take into account the overall situation. They survive every minute and second. There is a silent relay behind every closed door, and every silent fence is an unyielding battle. On April 8, when the channel from Han opened again, we saw your tearful smile.

In the midst of the raging epidemic, the people of Hubei and Wuhan are not alone. From the forefront of the fight against the epidemic to the rear of the epidemic, fromFrom "the ends of the earth" to "the North Pole of Mohe", from the snowy plateau to the banks of the Huangpu River, hundreds of millions of people stand side by side and act hand in hand to build a towering Great Wall that cannot be broken or pushed down!

Who is it that builds the most solid foundation of the Great Wall? It is thousands of medical workers who come forward to race against time and fight against diseases. They are white and sincere.

They are messengers of light, messengers of hope! When the clouds were gathering and the front was in an emergency, a bunch of light was the first to pierce the iron curtain of the night. It was the army, navy and air force medical team that went out on the cold night of New Year's Eve. It was assembled from all over the world.346 national medical teams, more than 42000 medical staff, the most top academicians and experts, that is determined to join the husband and wife file, father and son soldiers, brother company ...... sacrifice their lives and forget their deaths, with a big heart, ignite the fire of victory, illuminate the way forward. They are the most beautiful angels! At the frontline of life and death, I jumped into the same trench with the patient, and tried my best to fight with death, not to abandon, not to give up every living life... No matter how bloated the protective clothing is, it can't stop the busy footsteps, and no matter how tight the mask is. Can't cover the face of an angel. They are real heroes! When the expedition, the streets empty, the virus raging; return, the tide of people, the earth spring. The loveliest person in the new era is awe-inspiring, his great love is boundless, and his great grace is boundless!

This is a total mobilization. The people's children and soldiers move when they hear the order, bravely shoulder the heavy burden, and live up to the heavy trust and mission; the majority of community workers, public security officers, grassroots cadres, sinking cadres, journalists, and volunteers are not afraid of wind and rain, stick to the front line, visit and investigate, Body temperature measurement, disinfection and disinfection, transfer and treatment, interview and report, purchase and delivery on behalf of othersThere is no "hardest scales" to protect themselves, but there are the hottest hands and the most diligent legs to protect others and serve thousands of families with untold hardships.

This is a national action. Sanitation workers appeared on the streets early in the morning on time, the takeaway brother delivered every order in time, the peasant brothers sowed the seeds of hope on time, and countless workers stuck to their posts and worked hard."We share the cold wave, the wind and thunder, the thunderbolt, we share the mist, the flow of haze, the rainbow", the virus is isolated, love is never alone, in those unforgettable days and nights, everyone is fighting for their own, also belongs to everyone.

Glory, belong to the heroic Chinese people! Here, there are tens of millions of Hubei villagers and Wuhan yazi who are carrying heavy loads, hundreds of millions of people who have sweated and fought for Wuhan, Hubei and everyone, and every ordinary and extraordinary you, me and him. 1.4 billion people are all in one heart and one mind.


Proposed in "On the Protracted War"Eighty-two years after the assertion that "the soldiers and the people are the foundation of victory", our Party once again raised the great banner of "people's war" and led the people of the whole country to launch a heart-stirring people's war, a general war and a war of resistance against the new coronary pneumonia epidemic.

When Mount Tai is pressed to the top, there must be an iron shoulder to bear. General Secretary Xi Jinping took the lead in setting an example, commanding the front, planning personally, working hard for the development of the country and the well-being of the people, guiding the direction of the fight against the epidemic, and inspiring the broad masses of cadres and the masses to fight to the end. The Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee and the Political Bureau of the Central Committee held a meetingThe 21st meeting studied decision-making and led the organization of party, government, military, and civil studies, and the East, West, South, North and South. The centralized and unified leadership of the Party Central Committee is resolute and powerful, all departments cooperate closely, and all localities coordinate and cooperate. Party organizations at all levels are fully committed to the order, and the bright red party flag is flying high on the front line of the struggle.

  "I am a party member, I go first" "I am a party member, I take the lead" "regardless of remuneration, regardless of life or death" ...... The majority of party members with practical actions to practice "ready to sacrifice everything for the party and the people" of the oath to join the party. Tens of millions of Party members concentrated on donating more than 8 billion yuan for the prevention and control of the epidemic, hundreds of thousands of Party members bravely charged in the forefront of Wuhan and Hubei, more than 25000 outstanding elements "joined the Party", the medical staff who died in the fight against the epidemic accounted for more than 70% of Party members. On the battlefield without gunpowder smoke, the Party Central Committee led the comrades of the whole party to once again declare to the people and the world the indelible original character and the mission of giving up and giving up others with enthusiastic childlike feelings and the struggle and sacrifice of the same desire.

Whoever puts the people in his heart, the people put the people in his heart. The broad masses of the people listen to the party's words, follow the party, and resolutely devote themselves to this people's war. The whole country is united and united. The large number of people participating in the war, the long duration, the great sacrifices, and the special nature of the battle are all worthy of a special book. Go down in history. From the rescue of the intensive care unit, to the day-to-day research in scientific research laboratories, from door-to-door investigations in urban and rural communities, to overtime production in factories and workshops, the party flag points to the will of the people. What is particularly shocking is that more than one billion people responded to the call, obeyed management, wore masks, washed their hands frequently, and fought at home."Epidemic" Qi refueling, successfully "suffocated" and "blocked" the virus ". Seemingly calm, but magnificent; sound silent, but rock-breaking. The epidemic is ruthless, but it has strengthened the flesh-and-blood ties between the party and the people, reflecting the deep affection of the party and the people.

Glory, belong to the heroic Chinese people! The Communist Party of China, which is born and prospered by the people, insists on doing everything for the people, relying on the people in everything, not afraid of danger, not afraid of sacrifice, and charging retrograde. It is worthy of being the Chinese people and the Chinese nation. vanguard.


The plague and the growth of human civilization accompanied by the virus than the history of mankind itself is much older. The impact of major infectious diseases on the process of human history is not the imagination in the minds of researchers, but the reality that occurs in every period.

The world's most serious infectious disease pandemic in a century is a big test for all countries. Bruce, Senior Advisor to the Director-General of the World Health OrganizationAylward commented: in the face of unknown new viruses, China has taken magnificent, flexible and active prevention and control measures, showing amazing capabilities to the world. Behind China's speed, China's efficiency, and China's determination are the majestic people's power and the resolute and tenacious national spirit.

  There is a force called unity and cohesion. No matter how far apart, our hearts are always together. In the most difficult period in Hubei, everyone gave a hand and a hand. "Beijing" was a strong soldier, "Shanghai" was comprehensive, "Zhejiang" was windswept from the rain, "Anhui" was strong, "Jiangxi" was strong, and "Guangdong" was better. The green onions in Shandong, the apples in Shaanxi, the potatoes in Inner Mongolia... Some foreigners felt that all parts of their country were like "neighbors", the provinces of China are like "brothers". The "shared employees" between enterprises support each other, and it is dawn to survive the dark night. Neighbors often chat in groups because they buy vegetables and send food, adding a lot of kindness. He said that he had no clothes, and he was in the same robe with his son, one pile after another, one scene after another, which made people feel warm and tearful.

  There is a force called discipline and responsibility. The Chinese nation is a nation with a high degree of discipline. It is responsible to itself, to its family, and to society, weaving a "protective net" to stop the epidemic ". The sons and daughters of China have responsibilities for each other, and it is a responsibility to stand up at critical moments; it is a responsibility to be loyal to their duties in times of crisis; it is a responsibility to contribute money and love; it is also a responsibility to obey management and consciously cooperate. Some people have been in their own disaster is the recipient, now become the aid to return others with warmth, kindness and gratitude encounter, responsibility and obligation to meet. There are also many unsung heroes who silently appear in every place where they are needed, and the spark becomes a torch and a sea. Everyone contributes to the society, and the society also takes care of and protects everyone's rights and interests. "I am for everyone, everyone for me" has become a common practice.

  There is a kind of power, called tenacity and optimism. As the saying goes: difficulties like a spring, see you strong is not strong. Even in the bleakest moment, the Chinese people are not depressed, let alone desperate, but continue to find the joy of life, the meaning of life. The medical staff who fought day and night in the isolation ward wrote "daughter study hard", "Chengdu hot pot refuels Regan Noodles" and "the organization owes me a boyfriend" on the airtight protective clothing, showing a cheerful and positive side. At the construction sites of Raytheon Mountain and Huoshenshan hospitals, tens of millions of people broadcast the construction of "Yunjangong" hospitals on the Internet and gave lovely names to each excavator. In the shelter hospital, doctors, nurses and patients danced square dances and Taijiquan together. People sang songs, drew pictures, did exercises, read books and celebrated birthdays. In everyone's home, people who love life study, work, cook and exercise. "Fancy House" is popular all over the Internet... In the face of big events and calm, and in the face of hardships and not discouraged, it has become a vivid portrayal of hundreds of millions of Chinese people.

  There is a force called struggle and creation. We never bow to difficulties, "we have to go up if we have the conditions, and we have to go up if we don't have the conditions to create the conditions". Medical supplies are not enough, many enterprises "cross-border" reinforcements, countless employees work overtime, mask daily output increased 12 times a month, protective clothing daily can increase more than 30 times a month. In order to ensure normal work and life, the network "code farmers" show their skills, "cloud" learning, office, diagnosis, recruitment, sales and other functions are triggered by one button, and services such as health certificate, social assistance and "zero contact" takeout are owned by one machine. As the epidemic situation changes, the Chinese people continue to adjust their pace, a train of chartered buses to pick up workers, a warm heart policy to help small and medium-sized enterprises to tide over the difficulties, a mayor and county magistrate, with cargo anchor for agricultural products endorsement ...... Remote sensing satellite images on behalf of the economic and social operation of the red dot continues to expand, the construction site machines began to roar again, the road began to traffic jams, that familiar world is back.

Glory, belong to the heroic Chinese people! From the fight against floods, SARS and earthquakes to the fight against the new coronary pneumonia epidemic, the Chinese people have never succumbed and never flinched. We never believe in fate, nor rely on anything"Natural immunity", but in the depths of history to draw the spirit, draw strength from the people, abruptly flattened the "theoretical curve" of the spread of the epidemic, the rich and colorful writing of the people's epic in the fight against the epidemic.


Looking at the distant past and merging their thoughts into the long river of history, people have to admit that in the face of natural disasters, wars, turbulence and migrations over the long five thousand years, and in the face of countless visible and invisible threats, it is an extraordinary miracle that Chinese civilization has continued to grow and continue to this day.

Today, a new chapter has been added to this miracle, and the Chinese nation has been forged and tempered in the arduous struggle against the epidemic.

This is a nation that has experienced many vicissitudes and tribulations, but has always been unyielding. Nuwa mends the sky, Dayu controls the water, Houyi shoots the sun, and Jingwei reclaims the sea, reflecting the memory of the Chinese ancestors fighting against natural disasters. With the invasion of foreign nations and the division of political power, the people are often displaced, but they never stop seeking governance and tranquility, guarding and creating a bright and broad civilization."The rich and the rich cannot be lewd, the poor cannot be moved, and the mighty cannot be bent" is the character and backbone of the Chinese people. Especially since modern times, the Chinese Communist Party has led the people to repel foreign invasions and overthrow the "three mountains", reversing the "sinking spiral" of China's destiny in one fell swoop ".

As a result of the epidemic, the Chinese people have inherited the inherent genes of the Chinese ancestors in their tenacious and sustained struggle against the disaster, and have made extraordinary achievements in the fight against the epidemic with the strategic and tactical tactics of national mobilization and people's war, and with the determination and courage to overwhelm any enemy without being overwhelmed by the enemy. With the fearless spirit of daring to fight and win, the Chinese people and the Chinese nation have forged the great anti-epidemic spirit of supremacy of life, unity of the whole country, sacrifice of life and death, respect for science, and share a common destiny, and set up another immortal monument in the history of the development of the Chinese nation!

This is a heroic, high-spirited and vibrant nation. A promising nation cannot live without heroes, and a promising country cannot live without pioneers. From ancient Yue Fei, Wen Tianxiang, Qi Jiguang and Zheng Chenggong, to modern Lin Zexu, Deng Shichang and Feng Zicai, to Sun Yat-sen, Li Dazhao and Fang Zhimin in the revolutionary period, to Jiao Yulu, Kong Fansen, Deng Jiaxian and Huang Danian... A string of shining names marked the footprints of the nation, standing up the backbone of the nation.

After this epidemic, we once again see the critical moment, the crisis, there is always a hero to stand up for a day. Among them, there are academician Zhong Nanshan, who is full of silver hair and has no seats to go to Wuhan, and some because of overwork.Academician Zhang Boli, who "left his bravery in Wuhan", Dean Zhang Dingyu, who was suffering from gradual freezing disease, and Academician Chen Wei, who fought day and night to develop vaccines and tried his life... Among them, there are Liu Zhiming, a soldier in white who died in the front line of epidemic prevention and control in Hubei, Wu Yong, a grass-roots police officer, Liao Jianjun, a community cadre, and Xiao Wang, a caring person who goes out early and late every day, when the epidemic situation receded, the number of orders decreased, but the food delivery staff repeatedly said "happy"... Among them, there are countless "post-90s" and "post-00s", "Put on protective clothing, I will not be a child." "You protected us during SARS in 2003. Today it's our turn to protect you." The flower of youth is blooming in cold ling, and there are successors to the great rejuvenation!

This is a nation that is moving from standing up and becoming rich to becoming strong. founding of new chinaFor more than 70 years and more than 40 years of reform and opening up, under the leadership of the Communist Party of China, the Chinese people, who are the masters of the country, have relied on their own diligence and wisdom to climb over one mountain after another, through one hurdle after another, turning one "impossible" into "possible". Accumulated, not only has a solid material foundation, but also significant institutional advantages, rich governance experience, heavy spiritual culture, has become a strong support for us to overcome the epidemic, but also constitutes a new horizon to start again.

After this epidemic, we have a better understanding of where the foundation and advantages of the people's Republic lie, and have strengthened the direction of adhering to and developing socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era. On the journey of realizing the rejuvenation of a powerful country, we have already gone through thousands of mountains and rivers, and we still need to continue to trek through mountains and rivers. We need motivation for reform and vitality for opening up, resolutely change what should be changed and what can be changed, and resolutely do not change what should not be changed and what cannot be changed, so as to ensure that we can stride forward on the right road. By keeping the right and innovating, seeking progress in the midst of stability, making up for shortcomings with problem orientation, and encouraging people's practice with result orientation, we can achieve a spiral rise in the cause of the party and the state.

Glory, belong to the heroic Chinese people! This glory, passed down from generation to generation of Chinese people, from the contemporary people of the past, pioneering and forging ahead, by the great practice of fighting the epidemic composed of the national song, will inspire the new era of Chinese people to take a more responsible attitude, grasp the historical trend, stand up to the tide of the times! (V)

"Zi Zhi Tong Jian" has a cloud:"There are those who fall without difficulty, and those who prosper with difficulty." The neo-coronary pneumonia epidemic is becoming a variable affecting historical development. Some people say that this is the most serious challenge facing the world since World War II. Some people say that after this epidemic, the world will be very different. At the moment of decisive victory in an all-round well-off society and decisive battle to get rid of poverty, encountering this "black swan" seems to be a "plus test question" given to us by history ".

Like all countries, the impact of the epidemic on our economy has been unprecedented. Economic growth has declined, the industrial chain supply chain has been hit, and consumer confidence needs to be restored. Behind each economic data, it affects the employment of millions of people, affecting the pockets of wage earners, the shopping carts of housewives, and the new clothes of children. We also know that the price paid to protect the elderly, children and all those we love is worth it, and the future prospects are promising.

Guan Shan weighs thousands of things, and it is difficult to overcome them. We have won the battle against the epidemic by relying on hundreds of millions of people hand in hand, and we will certainly be able to rely on the unity of the people to win the battle for China's economic recovery and the defense of a better life!

At this point, we need to be more confident. The epidemic has accelerated the evolution of the world's unprecedented changes in a century, where crises and opportunities coexist, and overcoming them is an opportunity. China's economy has shown great resilience, responding to the epidemic and promoting the rapid development of many new industries and new business forms, becoming the first major economy to resume growth since the outbreak of the epidemic, providing important experience for the global fight against the epidemic and creating a valuable window of time for its own development.

At this moment, we need to be more united. Unity is iron, unity is steel, unity is strength."Ten thousand people hold the bow and shoot together." Together, we can overcome all risks and challenges on the way forward, and continue to move from victory to new victory. The palace of dreams is made up of brick by brick. When every 1.4 billion runs towards the same goal, no one or any force can stop the Chinese people from achieving a better life!

At this point, we need to be more aggressive. The spring of nature is expected, the spring of socialism is dry. You see, the fields are in sight of a bumper harvest, the factories and workshops are in full swing, the ports and docks are constantly throughput, the shopping malls and buildings are brightly lit, and the streets and alleys are lively.... Only the wonderfulness of the world can be lived up to, and there are miracles in the world waiting to be created.

General Secretary Xi Jinping profoundly pointed out:"Major historical progress has been made after some major disasters. This is how the Chinese nation has experienced and grown up in hardships."

We have seen that the heroic Chinese people have created a supreme glory worthy of the times in the great practice of the fight against the epidemic!

We firmly believe that the heroic Chinese people will create a new historical cause of national rejuvenation in the magnificent and great struggle!

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