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Rongfa Group carries forward the main theme of "four virtues" and delivers positive energy of civilization



Rongfa Group strives to cultivate a high-quality workforce as a key element to achieve corporate goals and vision, and includes ideological and moral education as an important part of corporate culture construction and an important content of party building ideological and political work. "Project construction theme education, shape models, promote righteousness, establish a new style, improve the comprehensive quality of employees, and enhance the cohesion, centripetal force and creativity of the enterprise.


By integrating the construction of the socialist core value system into the whole process of the construction of the enterprise's spiritual civilization, Rongfa Group is based on strengthening the construction of social ethics, professional ethics, family virtues and personal ethics, and vigorously promotes "integrity-based, dedication to society, worry first and then happiness." For the country and the people "new social fashion. Through the "four virtues" education with patriotism and law-abiding as the core, professional ethics construction with honesty and pragmatism as the core, family virtue construction with unity and harmony as the core, and personal moral construction with dedication and love as the core, we will focus on strengthening the ideological and moral construction of cadres and workers, and give full play to the exemplary and leading role of moral models, efforts to create and improve the distinctive, high-spirited spirit of behavior culture, enhance the overall image of the enterprise.




Moral construction depends on action. By actively exploring the characteristics and highlights, Rongfa Group has refined the four themes of social ethics, professional ethics, family virtues, and personal ethics, and decomposed the implementation stage, implementation content, and implementation time, and formulated the relevant requirements for the construction of the "four virtues" project. Make full use of websites, television, radio billboards and other publicity carriers to vigorously publicize the purpose, significance, standard requirements, assessment, rewards and punishments of the "four virtues" project construction, and extensively publicize the typical examples of counterpart assistance, teachers and apprentices, love donations, and money collection that emerged in the activities. All departments and subsidiaries of the group have stepped up their efforts in learning and publicity, closely followed the activity allocation, organized the whole staff to study and discuss, combined with the actual situation, created some bright ideas and methods, and planned to write down the "schedule" of the unit's activity arrangement, so as to ensure that the "four virtues", a popular project, is in line with the hearts and minds of the people, and has achieved practical results. In particular, we will organically combine the party's mass line education and practice activities with the theme education activities of the "Four Virtues" project construction, integrate and promote, strengthen the education of purpose and concept, ideals and beliefs, and moral literacy education, and comprehensively improve the majority of employees, especially party members The comprehensive quality of cadres enhances the sense of mission, responsibility and enterprising spirit, and forms a powerful force to promote the development of enterprises.

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