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Love Hometown, Know China, See the World-Rongfa Group Helps China Children and Teenagers' Fund Escort Plan

Recently, a series of public welfare practice activities of "Love Hometown, Know China, and See the World" sponsored by China Children and Teenagers' Foundation, co-organized by Qingdao China Vocational Education Society, and co-organized by Qingdao Rongfa Cultural Tourism Development Co., Ltd. and other units were officially launched in Qingdao.


During the activity, the young students and their party came to the national defense education demonstration base and visited the naval theme park, the Chinese naval military history museum and the old barracks national defense education base built by Rongfa group. They felt the development process of the new Chinese navy to become strong, experienced the maritime pioneer spirit, Nansha spirit and sea and air eagle spirit, and relived the hard years of the revolutionary period, Through the visit to enhance the students' patriotic feelings, to enhance cultural self-confidence, everyone expressed their determination to study diligently, serve the country, and undertake the historical mission of the new era.



This "Love Qingdao, Know China, See the World" activity is the beginning of the "Love Hometown, Know China, See the World" series of public welfare practice activities of the "Escort Plan" of the China Children and Teenagers' Fund. The United Front Work Department of the Municipal Party Committee and Qingdao China Vocational Education Society attach great importance. Qingdao is a bright pearl on the shore of the Yellow Sea. It has a long history and a gathering of humanities. It is the origin of the "May Fourth Movement". Now, it has become the frontier hot spot of reform and opening up, and is responsible for the construction of China-Shanghai Cooperation Organization local economic and trade cooperation demonstration zone., Shandong Pilot Free Trade Zone and many other national strategic tasks. Qingdao has been given the "important task of the country" to build a new platform for "the belt and road initiative" international cooperation ". This platform is not only Qingdao, Shandong, and even not only China, but the entire "Belt and Road. As the country's "world living room", public welfare practice activities such as "Love Qingdao, Know China, See the World" are to provide young students with a platform to understand their hometown and Qingdao more comprehensively and deeply. Through this platform, review the history of Qingdao, compare the changes of Qingdao, and then see the development of Qingdao and the progress of the country. Through this public welfare practice, the young students in Qingdao systematically understand the history and current situation of Qingdao, learn to tell Chinese stories with a global vision and language, and become cultural emissaries to introduce China and Qingdao to the world. Let the world know Qingdao, understand China.



The reason why the China Children and Teenagers' Fund launched the "Escort Plan" public welfare project is to implement the spirit of General Secretary Jinping's important speech at the National Education Work Conference. In line with the original intention of "ideological guidance and morality", it aims to correctly guide Young students in the new era, especially students studying abroad, establish a correct view of history, culture, country, and nation, become a newcomer of the era who has firm ideals and beliefs, is deeply rooted in patriotism, has Chinese feelings and an international vision, and will take on the great task of national rejuvenation in the future.



At the beginning of the "Escort Plan" and during the implementation of the entire project, UNICEF received strong support from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Education and other departments, as well as generous funding from companies such as China CITIC Bank and CITIC Prudential Life. In the two years since the implementation of the project, the "Escort Plan" has provided exclusive public welfare services such as finance, insurance, overseas SOS rescue, psychological consultation, overseas medical assistance, etc. for young students studying abroad, which fully reflects the corporate responsibility and public welfare of the future of the nation and the growth of talents. The escort program has been implemented in nearly 100 middle schools across the country, carrying out 100 propaganda and practical activities on the theme of cultural self-confidence, overseas security, and international situation. At the same time, it has also received active participation and response from overseas students.



At the launching ceremony, Fang Yi, vice chairman of the Qingdao Municipal Committee of the Chinese people's political Consultative Conference and director of the China Vocational Education Society, delivered a welcome speech: "whoever says an inch of grass will be rewarded with three Chunhui." In this activity, I hope that the students will walk more, listen more, see more, know Qingdao, love Qingdao, and love our country more through study and practice, further strengthen the lofty ambition of studying abroad and serving the country, inherit the glorious tradition of patriotism and serving the country, and strive to combine personal ideals with the development of the motherland, and combine their own growth with the construction of their hometown, in the grand cause of pursuing national rejuvenation, we should find the right coordinates of life, realize our ideals and aspirations, and truly turn our patriotic aspirations into patriotic travel.

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