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Sending Cool and Cool in Hot Summer, Warming Heart with Silk Care-New District Federation of Trade Unions Sympathizes with Front-line Workers of Rongfa Group


The summer is scorching and the sun is scorching. At present, it is a new wave of projects. In order to do a good job in heatstroke prevention and cooling work for the majority of employees, protect the health of employees, and reflect the warmth and care of the organization. On August 13, 2020, the New District Federation of Trade Unions came to the stadium project built by Rongfa Group to visit the front-line outdoor workers who are not afraid of the heat and heat to fight in their jobs.



During the visit, the leaders of the New District Federation of Trade Unions and the person in charge of the group inquired about the progress of the project, safe production and the work and life of the employees, and provided mineral water, watermelons, mung beans, towels and other heatstroke prevention and cooling items for the employees who insisted on fighting in the high temperature line. Cool and caring are sent to the front-line positions, and the front-line employees are instructed to pay attention to the combination of work and rest, and work, take effective measures to effectively improve and strengthen labor protection under high temperature conditions.



The workers who are fighting on the front line have expressed their gratitude to the trade union of the new area for their care and greetings. They will devote themselves to the project construction with full enthusiasm and enthusiasm, effectively ensure the orderly and efficient progress of various work, and launch a charge for a new round of project construction.



The New District Federation of Trade Unions and the Party Committee of Rongfa Group always put care about the lives and work of employees in the first place, and insist on carrying out front-line employees "summer coolness" activities every year, implementing the high temperature and heatstroke prevention work of the company, and effectively safeguarding the safety and health of the majority of employees, so that the majority of employees Safe and healthy summer.

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