Village-enterprise joint construction and development work together to promote revitalization


In order to implement the decision-making and deployment of the New District Working Committee on rural revitalization, on the morning of August 7, 2020, the Party Committee of Rongfa Group held a joint construction and co-construction signing ceremony with the Party branch of Dongxiabo Village, the Party branch of Houyinjiagou Village and the Party branch of Hujiaqian Kuang Village respectively. Through the joint construction and co-construction of state-owned enterprises and helping village party building, a normal and sustainable rural revitalization will be established to build a new platform. Wang Wenjing, deputy secretary of the party committee of Rongfa Group, Zhang Lianbo, deputy secretary of the party committee of Liuwang Town, members of the two committees of each helping village, and the "first secretary" of the group in the village attended the signing ceremony.



According to the agreement, the party Committee of Rongfa Group and the aid village will combine their respective resources and characteristics to jointly build around mutual promotion of organizational construction, mutual assistance of party members and cadres, mutual use of party building carriers, and mutual assistance in pairs, so as to promote complementary advantages and resource sharing in grass-roots party building work and lead rural revitalization to run out of "acceleration".



After signing the contract, everyone visited the exhibition hall of Guzhenkou fusion area and the social security service center to learn more about the group's measures and achievements in party building leadership, development and construction, integration and innovation, and accurate poverty alleviation. In the socialized security service center, the two sides conducted in-depth exchanges on the docking of village-enterprise resources and the processing and sales of agricultural products.



Since the beginning of this year, the party committee of Rongfa Group has actively assumed the social responsibility of state-owned enterprises, strengthened the problem orientation and goal orientation, and focused on helping the village's weak collective economy and outdated infrastructure on the basis of the previous visit and investigation of the first secretary in the village. Adhere to water, electricity, roads, houses, networks, etc. as the focus of transformation, and comprehensively start the construction of projects such as repairing hardened roads, villagers' cultural squares, and laying water supply pipes, efforts should be made to improve the living environment of villages, enhance the level of ecological livability, promote the convenience of villagers' production and life, and inject new impetus into rural revitalization.


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