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"The Most Beautiful Military Sisters" Xie Qianqian: From Female Soldiers to Military Sisters, Devote Blood to the Motherland and Youth to Soldiers


"The loveliest person is a soldier, and the most honorable person is a military wife!" The monologue of a public service advertisement has made countless soldiers awe, and it has also made countless military wives feel comforted. This is also a portrayal of Xie Qianqian's two special identities. She is both a veteran and a military wife. Xie Qianqian served on my country's first aircraft carrier, the Liaoning ship, and now works in Qingdao Military-civilian Integration Development Group Co., Ltd. Since joining the company, she has been awarded the group's "Outstanding Communist Party Member" for two consecutive years ". Recently, Xie Qianqian was selected as the most beautiful military sister-in-law in the West Coast New area. Today, let us approach this "most beautiful military sister-in-law" to understand her story.


Choose "military uniform"-she dreams



Everyone has a dream. The dream is a magnificent ship that guides us to success. Xie Qianqian's dream since childhood is to become a soldier. In 2012, with the encouragement of her family, she signed up. After undergoing physical examination, political review and long waiting, she finally got her wish, took off her skirt and changed into military uniform.


With the flute and the car moving, Xie Qianqian came to her dream ship, China's first aircraft carrier Liaoning, with her longing for the barracks. From then on, the growth process of a little girl to a female soldier began slowly......


As we all know, the Liaoning ship is my country's first aircraft carrier. It not only carries the century-old dream of the Chinese nation, but also is the banner of the navy of a major country to become strong and transform. As the first batch of female aircraft carrier crew in China, as the first generation of "aircraft carrier people", everything started from scratch. Her first duty was an unprecedented experience for her. Although she was psychologically prepared, she was very uncomfortable with the seasickness reaction after boarding the ship. Therefore, she strengthened her training, constantly challenged herself, finally overcome seasickness through continuous training, and successfully completed various tasks. During the period, due to her outstanding performance, she won many honorary titles such as excellent soldier and advanced individual. She and her comrades in arms performed their duties together, so that the 60000-ton "dragon" of the Liaoning ship could escort our country. After two years of her service, the seeds of love were quietly taking root.


Choose "soldier"-she has no regrets



In 2014, Xie Qianqian met her husband who served together. Through acquaintance, acquaintance and love, they decided to join hands for a lifetime because of their common protection. At the same time, Xie Qianqian also chose to retire. Two years later, they entered the palace of marriage. From then on, Xie Qianqian became a military wife from a veteran. Since her marriage, Xie Qianqian has perfectly interpreted the meaning and responsibility of the word "military sister-in-law" with practical actions. In order to enable her husband to better take root in the barracks and make contributions, Xie Qianqian came to the West Coast New area and became a member of the comprehensive department of Qingdao military-civilian Integration Development Group. The transformation from the army to the local area is a new challenge for her. The work of the comprehensive department is tedious and meticulous, and full of certainty, xie Qianqian has the courage to take responsibility in her work, forge ahead, think the problem ahead, and do the work ahead, which has been recognized by the leading colleagues.


After work, she used her spare time to take care of both parents, acted as a husband and daughter, and fulfilled the obligations of a wife and daughter-in-law. She never complained because she had the same experience. When an ordinary wife may not see her husband for half a year, Xie Qianqian, from a female soldier to a military wife, can better understand her husband and know that it is not easy for active servicemen. "I was also a soldier and knew the responsibility and discipline of my husband's work." Xie Qianqian, as a military sister-in-law, has more concern for her husband while enduring loneliness. She never complained about her husband, although she didn't have the love and affection she had and the care she took when she was sick. The most she said to her husband was: "You can go to work with peace of mind. Compared with your task, I can overcome the difficulties at home."


From a soldier to a military spouse, Xie Qianqian built a warm home behind the soldier with his true colors and simple feelings, and wrote the most beautiful movement of a good military spouse in the new era with silent dedication. And Xie Qianqian is also the epitome of the real life of the vast number of military wives, because they gather less and leave more, they do not take too many photos in life, because they have love in their hearts, they encourage together at work, and they are brave and responsible. In times of peace, they are willing to give up their small families to take care of everyone, so they are harmonious in China.


Salute-those soldiers who defend their country!


Salute-those gentle and loving military wives!

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