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Rongfa Group: Civilized Practice Volunteer Service

In order to promote the construction of civilization in the new era, on the afternoon of April 3, Rongfa Group organized the theme activity of "Volunteer Service for Civilized Practice in the New Era" to guide young employees and volunteers to practice the concept of civilization, assume the responsibility of state-owned enterprises, and devote themselves to the construction of beautiful new areas. National strategies such as maritime power and collaborative innovation.



In the Naval History Exhibition Hall of Guzhenkou Fusion Innovation Zone, four young volunteers from Rongfa Group acted as voluntary commentators, explaining the naval combat equipment model and the history of the development of the new Chinese navy to tourists and employees on the spot. Here, everyone has a deep understanding of the "86 Naval Battle", "Xisha Naval Battle", "Aid Vietnam to Resist the United States" and other battles; through other exhibitions in the museum area, appreciate the spirit of the pioneer on the sea, the spirit of Nansha, the spirit of the sea and air eagle. Entering the equipment display area, models such as Liaoning and Shenzhen ships opened everyone's eyes. Through the affectionate explanation of the commentator, everyone felt the development process of the new Chinese navy towards strength, remembered the great achievements of the revolutionary martyrs, inherited the spirit of patriotism, strengthened the awareness of the ocean and sea power, and strengthened the belief in safeguarding the country's maritime rights and interests.



At the same time, in the Naval Park, another team of young volunteers actively distributed "civilized travel" proposals to tourists, advocating compliance with laws and regulations, keeping order, paying attention to hygiene, caring for the environment and public facilities, and striving to be civilized disseminators. Volunteers explained the precautions for traveling during the Qingming Festival, such as how to prevent during the epidemic, and the Qingming Festival civilized sweeping, etc., to ensure that the safety and rights of tourists are effectively protected.



Volunteer service is an important symbol of social civilization and progress. According to statistics, there are currently more than 0.11 billion real-name registered volunteers in my country, and more than 580000 various voluntary service organizations have played an active role in promoting the construction of spiritual civilization, solving the practical difficulties of the masses, maintaining social harmony and stability, and serving various major activities. The essence of voluntary service is a mass spontaneous civilized practice activity, flowing with the blood of great love and morality, making our society more civilized and warmer.

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