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Rongfa Group's Implementation Plan on Housing Rent Reduction Policy

Since the comprehensive deployment of epidemic prevention and control by the central government and provincial and urban areas, Rongfa Group has conscientiously studied and implemented a series of work deployment requirements for epidemic prevention and control, fulfilled its social responsibility, demonstrated social responsibility, and actively reduced the rent of houses leased by small and medium-sized enterprises in accordance with the requirements of higher-level policies, and supported their operation and stable development. In accordance with the principles of marketization, rule of law, service, and high efficiency, the implementation plan for housing rent reduction and exemption is formulated as follows:
1. Policy Research
Seriously study the "letter on the implementation of the" guide to reduce the cost of rent for small and micro enterprises "policy" (Municipal Office of Private Economy), "on the active response to the epidemic to promote economic development of a number of measures" (Qingxi New Management Office [2020] No. 8), "Qingdao West Coast New Area District-owned enterprises to deal with the outbreak of pneumonia in the new crown pneumonia relief enterprise housing rent implementation rules" [Qingxi Xincai [2020] No. 33] and other documents.
2. relief object
Small and medium-sized enterprises (including individual industrial and commercial households) that rent the operating real estate of Rongfa Group and its state-owned and state-controlled enterprises, and engage in production and business activities.
3. policy formulation
According to laws and regulations, the organization of research and determination according to procedures, for enterprises and individual industrial and commercial households that rent the operating real estate of Rongfa Group and meet the reduction policy, the rent for February and March will be halved, that is, one month's rent will be exempted. For enterprises that have difficulty in paying funds, the collection of rent may be appropriately deferred.
4. guarantee mechanism
Establish a working group, led by the Group's Finance Department, with the cooperation of various departments and subsidiaries, to sort out the Group's external leasing situation and all leasing contracts.
5. Implementation Process
(I) specific mapping. Take the initiative to find out the lease information, verify the lessee, the actual operating lessee (if there is an indirect lessor) and contact information and other relevant information, to form a real estate lessee and the actual operating lessee two lists.
(II) take the initiative to inform. Take the initiative to inform the contents of the reduction and exemption and the handling methods, and inform the tenant enterprise of the scope, standards and handling procedures of the reduction and exemption through various means such as telephone and network according to the situation, so as to know everything. The contents of the notification shall include: the scope of relief, standards, handling procedures, acceptance contact person and contact information, acceptance time, etc.
(III) and efficient acceptance. Accepting applications for relief through convenient and efficient means such as the Internet, receiving application texts, materials to be submitted, etc.
Study on the party committee of (IV) group. Summarize the reported rent reduction and exemption materials, lists, ledgers, etc., and submit them to the group party committee for study. after the meeting study and approval, formulate a unified reduction and exemption policy and issue meeting minutes.
(V) timely feedback. After the approval of the initiative to feedback the amount of rent relief, etc., to ensure that the policy concessions landing, so that the rent-free policy fully benefit the majority of small and medium-sized enterprises, in order to promote the steady and orderly resumption of production to lay a solid foundation.
(VI) information filing. The rent reduction and exemption of the leased enterprise shall be recorded one by one, statistical analysis and reporting shall be done, and the rent reduction and exemption information report shall be reported to the district finance bureau (state-owned assets bureau) and other relevant departments in a timely manner.
6. job requirements
(I) strengthen management. All departments and subsidiaries of the Group shall establish ledgers and lists of rent concessions and exemptions during the epidemic prevention and control period, and do a good job of collecting and sorting out relevant information.
(II) strengthen supervision. In the process of rent reduction and exemption, we should strictly enforce the system and process, strengthen internal control, and handle it in accordance with the rules and regulations, so as to ensure the implementation of the policy reduction and exemption.
(III) accountability. Those who commit fraud, misappropriate or maliciously defraud to obtain rent concessions and reductions and other illegal acts, resulting in adverse effects and the loss of state-owned assets, will be seriously investigated for responsibility in accordance with the relevant provisions.
Responsible department: property company
Contact: Du Changjiang Contact: 18660227706
Qingdao Military and Civilian Integration Development Group Co., Ltd.
March 3, 2020

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