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Qingdao West Coast New Area: District-owned state-owned enterprises show responsibility in epidemic prevention and control.

Party Committee of Qingdao Economic and Technological Development Zone Investment Holding Group (Qingdao Economic Control Group). Explore the establishment of a new organizational model of "Party Building Property", implement the management model of "External Cooperation Team of Rongfa Property Party Branch Rongfa Property Company", and do a good job in extensive publicity, material collection, disinfection and sterilization, personnel control, restaurant management, etc. Organize the affiliated Rongfa and Kaitou Property Companies to do a good job in the 20 property projects in Guzhenkou Fusion Zone, Wangtai New Kmoth Industrial Base and Development Zone Transformation Zone to strictly implement the cleaning work, with a daily working area of 250000 square meters. Rongfa Municipal Company dispatched more than 160 sanitation personnel to carry out spray killing twice a day, cleaning 8.1 million square meters of primary and secondary roads, 2.15 million square meters of road boards and 7 tons of garbage. Organize party members and cadres to "double report" to Taixing Road community to carry out epidemic prevention and control work, and support the donation of 84 disinfectant and some daily necessities and other prevention and control materials.

  Chengfa Investment Group Party Committee.Actively respond to the epidemic prevention and control headquarters issued a voluntary blood donation initiative, the organization to carry out the "voluntary blood donation to fight the epidemic" activities, after information registration, health inquiries, physical examination to fill in the form, the group's 24 employees in line with the blood donation requirements successfully donated blood. The 24 blood donation workers are all from group party members, cadres and party activists, giving full play to the vanguard and exemplary role of party members in the anti-epidemic blood donation activities, practicing the spirit of selfless dedication with practical actions, and contributing "blood" and strength to resolutely win the epidemic prevention and control war.

  Qingdao west coast new district supply and marketing cooperatives party committee.More than 300 party members and cadres in the supply and marketing system stick to the front line of work, give up vacations, work overtime overnight, travel long distances, and allocate supplies for virus elimination and residents' daily necessities. Give full play to the advantages of the seven cold air storages of Qingdao Huize Agricultural Products Company, reserve a large amount of various vegetables, rice, noodles, oil and other necessities of residents' life, reserve more than 7500 tons of various vegetables and fruits, more than 240 tons of rice noodles and edible oil, and 100 tons of various meat. At present, it has supplied more than 500 tons of various vegetables, more than 90 tons of meat and more than 300 tons of fruits to the community sales terminals, nearly 600 tons of vegetables and other materials were distributed to canteens of various units to ensure sufficient market supply and stable prices. In order to solve the problem of unsalable vegetables produced by farmers, 100 community service terminals in the region purchase vegetables produced by farmers at market prices. at present, a total of more than 1500 tons of vegetables have been purchased, and more than 300 million yuan have been paid to vegetable farmers on the spot. to protect the interests of farmers from loss.

  Qingdao true feelings bus group party committee.Party members and cadres stick to the front line of epidemic prevention and control, strictly do a good job in the disinfection and prevention and control of vehicles and public areas, adhere to the disinfection of all operating vehicles, a total of more than 64000 trips have been disinfected, the use of diluted disinfectant more than 120 tons. Implement customized transportation services to meet the travel needs of employees in special periods. Since its operation on February 10, 77 dedicated lines have been opened for 34 companies including Qingdao Port, Haier, and Hisense, with a total of more than 1000 trains. Give full play to the advantages of intelligent public transportation, reasonably arrange the peak departure interval, and control the full load rate of the carriage not to exceed 50% of the rated passenger capacity. Party members and cadres of the group sank to the front line to carry out epidemic prevention and control knowledge publicity work together with driver party members. The LED screens of all online operating vehicles scrolled to play warm reminders. Epidemic prevention and control slogans were posted on the outside of the vehicle body. Epidemic prevention and control banners were hung at various stations, proposals were issued and posted, and self-media such as WeChat, microblog and website were used to release prevention and control measures. The cumulative reading volume exceeded 100000 times.

  Qingdao west coast tourism investment group party committee.Fully carry forward the role of the party organization as a battle fortress and the exemplary leading role of party members and cadres. The party committee of the group leads its party branches to earnestly implement the front-line prevention and control responsibilities, set up party member responsibility areas in key locations and scenic spots, and set up party member commandos. ", take the lead in" doing more ", take the lead in" on duty ", so that wherever the epidemic prevention and control is deployed, the work will be implemented. The six major scenic spots under the jurisdiction of Dazhushan, Xiaozhushan, Langyatai, Golden Beach, Silver Beach, and Tangdao Bay were closed as soon as possible, and all activities during the Spring Festival were canceled. In order to repay the anti-epidemic front-line health care workers, the group under the jurisdiction of Dazhushan, Xiaozhushan, Langyatai scenic area has issued a notice, from the end of the epidemic to resume operations until December 31, 2020, the scenic area will be free of charge to the national health care workers open.

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