Two projects of enterprises affiliated to the Economic Control Group were selected into the provincial library of major projects for the conversion of new and old kinetic energy in 2020.

  Recently, the Construction Office of the Comprehensive Experimental Zone for the Conversion of New and Old Kinetic Energy in Shandong Province issued the "Announcement onIn 2020, the province's new and old kinetic energy conversion major project library of the first batch of preferred project list notice ", by the control group's enterprise Jinglu shipping industry military and civilian general far-reaching sea security base project, the melting group and the co-development of the Jiaozhou youth lake medical and health industry project was selected.

  The Jinglu Shipmaking Military-Civilian General Far-reaching Sea Support Base Project is located in the Xicheng Harbor Industrial Zone of Penglai City, with convenient land and sea transportation, and is a rare natural harbor in China,After the completion of the projectTotal land occupationAboutMore than 3000 mu (including sea area),Owned dock shoreline will exceed15 kilometers,Dockable MaintenanceInclude22000 container ships (very large container ships), 400000-ton very large ore carriers, ULCC (very large oil tankers) and belowlarge and medium-sizedNearly 100 ships, committed to building a national first-class collaborative innovation industry development platform, serving the country's far-reaching sea security strategy.

Jiaozhou Youth Lake Cultural Tourism Medical Care and Health Industry Project is jointly developed by Rongfa Group and Rongchuang Group, with superior geographical location and natural environment and a total area of land.More than 900 mu, with a total construction area of 1.9 million square meters and a construction area of 178000 square meters.The construction content includes medical care real estate, pension apartments, hotels, schools, nursing homes, etc,Surrounding supporting large commercial facilities. The project is committed to building a healthy and livable industrial cluster integrating health, health, nursing, leisure and other functions,Improving the urban functions of the airport new city will play a good demonstration and driving role in the development of cultural tourism and medical and pension industries in Qingdao and its surrounding areas..

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