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Rongfa Group: Party Secretary Lectures Special Party Lessons to Promote Deep Pedagogy

In order to further promote the theme education, according to the requirements of the new district working Committee and district party Committee's "Do not forget your initiative mind, remember the mission" theme education deployment and the group's work arrangement, on the morning of November 4, 2019, Rongfa Group organized a special party class activity for the party secretary. Zhang Jinlou, leader of the group's theme education leading group, secretary of the party committee, and chairman of the board, made a special party class report on the topic of "how to be a party member with excellent style and loyal responsibility. Sun Shouyue, head of the 9th Tour Steering Group of Theme Education of the CPC Committee, attended the meeting to guide. Members of the leading group of the group, responsible persons of various departments and subsidiaries, members of various party branches, and all party members of the party branch of Hualu Company, the contact point of grass-roots party building, attended the party class.
In the party class, Zhang Jinlou combined the study and implementation of Xi Jinping's new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics and the task requirements of the Party Central Committee on this theme education, combined with the characteristics of state-owned enterprises and the actual work, and exchanged five points of understanding and experience. First, talk about politics and take a firm political stand. We should strengthen our ideals and beliefs, consciously strengthen our study and build up our sense of identity. The second is to understand the overall situation and find the right role. We must focus on the overall situation, grasp the mainstream, and have a pattern of mind. The third is to dare to take on the responsibility and to start a business with passion. To serve the overall situation of the new area, the pursuit of speed and efficiency, pay attention to practical benefits, in the tribulation of growth. The fourth is to seek kindness and stick to the bottom line of being a human being. To learn gratitude, justice, kindness, rigorous. Five is more than clean, adhere to the integrity and self-discipline. It is necessary to correctly view rights, adhere to the above rate, and consciously purify the social circle.
The party class calls on all party members and cadres to take the opportunity of carrying out thematic education, take "Do not forget your initiative mind, keep in mind the mission" as a lifelong topic, vigorously carry forward the party building brand of "sunshine and development, contribute to me", dare to show their swords, take the initiative to pressurize and charge ahead, and make every effort to tackle key tasks such as the new district integration offensive battle and the Guzhen mouth "one district and three parks" investment battle "investment battle, further development and three parks, better help the new area to undertake and promote the national strategy.

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