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Rongfa Group Party Committee Held "Do not forget your initiative mind, Keeping in Mind Mission" Theme Education Mobilization and Deployment Meeting

According to the unified arrangement and deployment of the New District Working Committee and District Committee, on the morning of September 19, 2019, the Party Committee of Rongfa Group held a mobilization and deployment meeting on the theme of "Do not forget your initiative mind, Keeping in mind the mission" to thoroughly study and implement the spirit of the new district's "Do not forget your initiative mind, Keeping in mind the mission" theme education work conference, and to mobilize and deploy the group's theme education. Comrade Zhang Jinlou, leader of the group's theme education leading group, secretary of the party committee, and chairman of the board, made a mobilization speech, and Comrade Sun Shouyue, leader of the ninth tour guidance group of the theme education of the working committee and district committee, attended the meeting and delivered a speech.
In his mobilization speech, Zhang Jinlou pointed out: first, we should fully understand the great significance of carrying out thematic education, and earnestly enhance the sense of responsibility, mission, and urgency of doing a good job in thematic education; second, we should resolutely implement the general requirements, objectives, tasks, and key work of thematic education, and solidly promote the in-depth development of thematic education; third, we should adhere to the combination of thematic education with doing a good job in central work, strengthening of party building and improving corporate governance; fourth, we must regard thematic education as a major political task at present, strengthen organizational leadership, and ensure that thematic education achieves practical results.
Zhang Jinlou stressed that Rongfa Group, as a state-owned enterprise directly under the new district and as the vanguard and main force of the new district to undertake the national strategy, should take the theme education of "Do not forget your initiative mind, keep in mind the mission" as an opportunity, closely focus on the deployment requirements of the new district working committee and district committee, take the party building brand of "sunshine Rongfa, dedicate to me" as the guide, vigorously carry forward the spirit of iron army and nail nailing spirit, strengthen the responsibility of state-owned enterprises, resolutely complete the integration offensive battle, investment battle, new and old kinetic energy conversion, double recruitment and double introduction, market-oriented operation of state-owned enterprises and other key tasks, and strive to build a national first-class professional investment platform, make positive contributions to the new district's undertaking and promotion of national strategies, and present outstanding achievements The 70th anniversary of the the People's Republic of China was founded.
Sun Shouyue put forward six opinions on the theme education of Rongfa Group. The first is to improve the political position throughout, thoroughly study and implement the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping's important speech, and effectively unify thoughts and actions into the decision-making and deployment of the central and provincial party committees, municipal party committees, and working committee committees. The second is to grasp the direction of work throughout, to focus on the main theme and not deviate from the main line, to coordinate the four measures without separation, and to combine learning and doing without disconnection; third, learning and education should be in the mind, investigation and research should be practical and effective, problems should be examined deeply and carefully, and the implementation of rectification should be really hard. The fourth is to avoid formalism throughout, improve the way to promote thematic education, do not go through the motions, do not do useless work, and ensure the "good" effect of thematic education with a "practical" style. Fifth, the party committee should conscientiously fulfill its main responsibility, earnestly grasp the theme education of the unit, the main leading comrades must earnestly assume the responsibilities of the first responsible person, and the party committee members must earnestly perform the "one post and two responsibilities", and demonstrate and drive the study and education of the majority of party members and cadres; six is to do a good job in overall planning. All throughout, we must insist on using Xi Jinping's new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics to arm the mind, guide practice, and promote work, and earnestly achieve two.
All members of the Ninth Tour Steering Group of the Theme Education of the Working Committee and District Committee attended the meeting for guidance, and members of the Rongfa Group's party committee team, middle-level deputy cadres and party member representatives attended the meeting.

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