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Rongfa Group and Taixing Road Community Jointly Launching Mid-Autumn Festival Theme Activities


With the advent of the Mid-Autumn Festival, in order to carry forward the excellent Chinese traditional culture and further promote the joint construction of state-owned enterprises and communities, recently, Rongfa Group and Taixing Road Community, Yinzhu Street, New District jointly launched a cultural activity with the theme of "celebrating the Mid-Autumn Festival and realizing Chinese Dream.



Early in the morning of the event, representatives of the youth party members and members of Rongfa Group, community residents and representatives of the paper-cutting association gathered at the Yinzhu Public Service Center to experience moon cake making and paper-cutting art, carry out a literary party, sing about the motherland, thank teachers, and spend the Mid-Autumn Festival together.


Experience moon cake making and feel the atmosphere of the Mid-Autumn Festival. Moon cake is one of the famous traditional Chinese pastries, Mid-Autumn festival festival custom. Round moon cake, a symbol of reunion and harmony. Under the guidance of the teacher, everyone was full of enthusiasm, kneading dough, wrapping stuffing, pressing, and setting plates. The beautiful mooncakes were full of joy and peaceful holiday atmosphere.



Experience paper-cut handicrafts and inherit Chinese traditional culture. Paper-cutting is an ancient folk art of the Chinese nation and a national intangible cultural heritage. At the scene of the activity, the 70-year-old community paper-cutting association president Wang Delui personally taught everyone the art of paper-cutting. Under her careful guidance, pictures of family reunion and happy harvest are on the paper. Everyone feels a strong traditional cultural atmosphere and expresses their intention to actively participate in the protection and inheritance of paper-cut cultural heritage.



During the event, group volunteer representatives and community workers visited the orphans of the community's anti-Japanese martyrs, veterans, and representatives of needy households, and sent them moon cakes, rice, cooking oil and other daily necessities, and sent holiday greetings and blessings., Let them truly feel the care and warmth of the party and the government, and further promote the in-depth development of state-owned enterprises and community joint construction and achieve practical results.




Since the beginning of this year, Rongfa Group has focused on cultivating and practicing the core values of socialism, continued to carry out "Our Festival" theme activities, vigorously promoted the excellent traditional Chinese culture, enriched the cultural life of cadres and employees, and stimulated the enthusiasm of loving the party, the country and socialism. It has condensed a strong joint force to promote the leapfrog development of enterprises and help the construction of beautiful new districts.





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