Confront "Lichma"! Rongfa Group makes every effort to do a good job in flood prevention and emergency response

According to the forecast of the higher-level meteorological department, affected by the largest typhoon "Lichma" landing in my country this year, there will be heavy rains in the Shandong Peninsula from the night of the 10th to the 12th, and there will be heavy rains or extremely heavy rains in some parts. The defense of Taiwan is overwhelming and the responsibility is heavier than Mount Tai. In accordance with the deployment requirements of the central government, provinces, cities, and new areas, and combined with the actual work, Rongfa Group acted quickly and went all out to do a good job in various emergency defense work.

The first is to strengthen organizational leadership and ensure that responsibilities are implemented in detail. The main person in charge of the group immediately conveyed the spirit of superior instructions and the forecast and early warning information of meteorological and other departments, and arranged the deployment of emergency prevention work. Strictly implement the leadership-led shift and 24-hour duty system. Starting from August 9, the leadership team, the main persons in charge of various departments, subsidiaries, middle-level cadres and professional teams will all be on duty 24 hours a day. Timely issue the "Emergency Notice on Doing a Good Job in Flood Prevention and Emergency Work during Typhoon" and "Notice on Doing a Good Job in Safe Production in Flood Season of Projects under Construction", collect and report information on flood and danger conditions, and guide the work of duty, prevention, and emergency response. The leadership team led the team to key projects such as the Qingdao Science and Education Park of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the University City Public Venues, and the Naval Park to conduct inspections on key parts of key links such as hidden flood control points, construction site tower cradders, deep foundation pit slopes, board house dormitories, fenced, scaffolding, etc., Do a good job in all emergency preparations for typhoon prevention and flood prevention.

Second, departments perform their respective duties and make every effort to investigate and eliminate hidden dangers. All departments and project departments are in accordance with the requirements, advance deployment, arrange on-duty personnel. The municipal company focuses on the evacuation of tourists in the Navy Park, the reinforcement of the bank embankment, the municipal drainage and road clearance in the park of the ancient town entrance fusion zone. Hualu Company focuses on the excavation of drainage ditches for the subgrade of roads under construction such as Huangta Road and Kaicheng Road, and completes the work of re-reinforcement of slope protection on relevant bridges, dredging of drainage ditches, reinforcement of anti-collision facilities, etc. The project management department and real estate company focus on reinforcement, make inspections and safety settings for foundation pits and low-lying areas, tower cranes, elevators, scaffolding, hanging baskets and on-site procedures; The cultural and tourism company focuses on strengthening the military weapon model of the naval park and making emergency flood prevention preparations for the exhibition hall and the national defense education base. The comprehensive department, the chief engineer office and the property company shall focus on comprehensive coordination, emergency flood control materials and logistics support. Since noon on August 10, all project departments have stopped construction operations, organized personnel to evacuate, cut off the power supply, and closed the site to ensure a safe flood season. As of noon on August 12, a total of more than 800 inspectors, more than 220 vehicles, more than 50 tower cranes reinforced on the construction site, more than 4100 people evacuated, about 3000 meters of coastline wave dykes reinforced, more than 4800 sandbags blocked, more than 120 rainwater strainers cleared, more than 150 vehicles parked indiscriminately cleared, and more than 50 fallen trees strengthened.

Three is a comprehensive inspection and maintenance, do a good job in post-flood disposal. In line with the principle of first pass and then recovery, disaster reduction and loss reduction, the first time to develop a post-flood disposal plan. Seriously organize the re-inspection of the quality and safety of construction projects after the flood season, focusing on strengthening the inspection and maintenance of fences, deep foundation pits, scaffolding, tower cranes, construction elevators, headquarters buildings, warehouses, simple sheds, wave dikes, trees and other facilities impacted by heavy rain, and do a good job in the follow-up work of road water discharge, guli after rain, rain grate reset, broken branches falling down tree racks and garbage cleaning, etc, take effective measures such as reinforcement, support or demolition to eliminate potential safety hazards in time and prevent accidents such as collapses and landslides. Post-flood construction can only be resumed after passing the review to ensure project quality and construction safety, and ensure the safe and orderly operation of the city.

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