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Rongfa Group Party Committee Launching "Double Report and Double Service Legal Service into Community"


In order to implement the notice of the Organization Department of the New District Working Committee on further promoting the work related to the "double registration" of Party organizations and Party members in government organs, enterprises and institutions to the community, on the afternoon of July 18, 2019, the Party committee of Rongfa group organized some employees and Party members with lawyer qualification to carry out the activity of "double registration and double service legal service into the community" in Taixing Road community of Yinzhu sub district office.



Before this event, the party committee of Rongfa Group closely focused on the needs of the community, gave full play to the advantages of obtaining the company's lawyer qualification, and made careful preparations from "preventing fraud in health care products for the elderly, support for the elderly, property services, consumer rights protection, and protection of minors." In terms of "Legal Knowledge Propaganda Manual" and "Daily Life Legal Knowledge" propaganda paper that are closely related to the lives of the community people have been printed.



At the beginning of the activity, residents surrounded the propaganda platform set up by the party members of Rongfa Group in the central square of the community to consult on legal issues encountered in daily life. The legal service volunteers of Rongfa Group are busy distributing brochures while patiently and meticulously explaining the various knowledge in the brochure to the residents.



Through the activity of "double reporting and double service legal service into the community", it has promoted the construction of community legal civilization, gave full play to the vanguard and exemplary role of state-owned enterprise party members in leading social morality, and was unanimously praised by the community residents. it has laid a good foundation for the next step to carry out the joint construction of state-owned enterprises and community party building.


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