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Rongfa Group Party Committee organized a visit to the CPC Qingdao Party History Memorial Hall


"Do not forget your initiative mind will always follow the Party and keep in mind its mission to forge ahead". To celebrate the 98th anniversary of the founding of the party, on the morning of July 5, 2019, the Rongfa Group Party Committee organized more than 30 party members and party activists to visit the Qingdao Party History Memorial Hall of the Communist Party of China, review the history of the party, and received a profound revolutionary tradition and Love the party and patriotic education.



MediumThe Communist Party of Qingdao Party History Memorial Hall is the only site of the early party organization in Qingdao that has been preserved to this day, and it is also the only memorial hall in Qingdao to display and publicize the history of the party. It was originally the workers' dormitory of Qingdao Sifang Machinery Factory. The Chinese Communists led the strike by the workers of the Sifang Machinery Factory and the Japanese Commercial Yarn Factory, and promoted the formation of the first anti-imperialist climax in Qingdao history, which had a significant impact in the province and even the whole country. The memorial hall uses a large number of precious historical pictures, objects and modern display means to show the arduous and brilliant course that the Communist Party of China has gone through in order to achieve national independence and people's liberation, and to realize the prosperity of the country and the common prosperity of the people.




With reverence, everyone watched the documentary on the brief history of Qingdao of the Communist Party of China, visited the "Glorious Course-Qingdao History Exhibition of the Communist Party of China" and the former site of the Qingdao local branch of the Communist Party of China, and jointly reviewed the Qingdao party organization leading the Qingdao people to fight for national independence and people's liberation. Years. The historical documents on display, the photos of revolutionary martyrs, and the precious film and television materials lead us back to the ups and downs and magnificent revolutionary years since modern times, and review the arduous struggle history and brilliant course of the Communist Party of China.



After the visit, everyone said one after another that they would inherit the spirit of revolutionary martyrs who were not afraid of sacrifice, willing to make dedication, hard struggle, and tenacious struggle, vigorously carry forward the party building brand of "Sunshine Fusion, dedication to me", and give full play to the exemplary vanguard role of party members. assume the responsibility of state-owned enterprises, fulfill the mission of state-owned enterprises, and make greater contributions to speeding up the construction of a beautiful new area with military and civilian happiness, cadre pride and civilian.



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